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Vignettes:  Christmas Room #1

This Christmas room was created by Bill and Peggy Birkemeier. It features pieces by Studio B Miniatures, as well as a few items from their personal collection.

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1. Portrait in acrylic of Emily and Sara Birkemeier, in folk art style circa 1830s, by Wendy Birkemeier (1983)
2. Mushroom gatherer nutcracker on the left by Bill Birkemeier (metal); traditional nutcracker on the right by Bob Birkemeier (wood)
3. Punch bowl and cookies by Peggy Birkemeier
4. Noah's Arc by Bill & Peggy Birkemeier – this is a miniature reproduction of a full-size toy created by Bob and Millie Birkemeier (wood & polymer clay)

Christmas Room #1
Christmas Room #2
Tin Shop
Living Room

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